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Datamonitor Healthcare Infectious Diseases Disease Analysis: Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccines

March 16, 2023

Since the launch of the first HPV vaccine in 2006, the market has seen steady growth, with global sales rising from $235m in 2006 to $5.7bn in 2021. This growth has been attributed to the launch of vaccination programs in most major markets, centered on the treatment of girls aged 9–14 years and catch-up vaccinations for females aged 15–26 years. Moving forward, this positive growth trajectory looks set to continue. Key growth drivers include the expansion of vaccination programs to include males aged 9–26 years in major markets such as the US, UK, France, and Germany, rising pressure to increase coverage rates for HPV vaccination globally, and the introduction of national programs in new markets such as China. Indeed, Merck & Co attributed its $850m sales boost in 2018 to a successful launch in the Chinese market. The introduction of additional national HPV vaccination programs is projected to sustain considerable growth in the HPV market, so much so that Merck & Co has invested $1.68bn into two manufacturing plants to meet global demand for HPV vaccination. 

This Datamonitor Healthcare report contains a Disease Analysis module.

Indications Covered: Human papillomavirus (HPV) Prevention (Antiviral, Vaccines)
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