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Datamonitor Healthcare Parkinson's Disease KOL Interviews

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March 16, 2017
Datamonitor Healthcare interviewed two neurologists, one based in Italy and the other in the US, to gauge their prescribing habits and views on current treatment options and challenges, late-stage clinical candidates and pricing and reimbursement considerations for Parkinson’s disease. The drugs discussed are listed below. The two interviews were combined into a single report.

APL-130277, Apokyn (STDAF), Aricept (ESALY), Azilect (TEVA), Clozaril (NVS), Comtan (NVS), CVT-301 (ACOR), Duopa (ABBV), Exelon (NVS), Mirapex, Namenda (AGN), ND0612H (NDRM), ND0612L (NDRM), Neupro, Northera (HLUKF), Nouriast, Nuplazid (ACAD), Ongentys (NBIX), preladenant (MRK), Requip IR (GSK), Rytary (IPXL), Seroquel (AZN), Symmetrel (ENDP), Tasmar (MYL), tozadenant (ACOR), Xadago, Zonegran (CXRX).

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Indications Covered: Parkinson's Disease (PD)