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BioMedTracker Subscription Service

Evidence-Based Bio-Medical Investment Research

BioMedTracker is an institutional research service that identifies investment opportunities in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry by assessing the relative strength of companies’ clinical drug pipelines and by highlighting potential future catalysts that could dramatically impact those pipelines.

The BioMedTracker team looks at clinical trial data and the regulatory history of each drug under coverage to assess its overall likelihood of approval by the FDA. Each Impact Event that affects the likelihood of approval of the drug is transparent so that subscribers can see the rationale for the analysis. Drugs are further analyzed for their commercial potential and presented in a 10-year Revenue Detail model for the U.S., Europe and Japan. Dates of approval, target patient populations, annual wholesale prices, market penetration, and other factors are estimated in formulating these revenue projections.

In the Company Profile, subscribers can see BioMedTracker’s overall pipeline valuation of a company. Estimated EBITDA for the 5-year and 10-year timeframe is calculated based on a summary of each drug’s revenue potential and likelihood of approval. Using a discounted cash flow model, the valuation of the company is displayed based on both the 5-year and 10-year pipeline. Investors can use this information to assess whether a company’s pipeline is overvalued or undervalued.

The Company Profile also links subscribers to all of the potential Upcoming Catalysts which may affect the approval or commercial potential of a drug in the future. Using this information, investors can be aware of all catalysts which could have a potentially large impact on the stock of a company and make informed short term investment decisions accordingly. Upcoming Catalysts for all companies can also be easily searched under the Upcoming Catalyst section of the web site.

Subscribers can assess the competitive landscape for a particular disease by looking at the Indication Profile. The Indication Profile displays all of the drugs under coverage that are being developed to treat a particular disease. Indication Profiles display the phase, target, lead company, likelihood of approval, and peak revenue potential of each drug. The drugs are sorted by those closest to approval so that investors can quickly see what drugs are most relevant and which drugs will soon become relevant for a given Indication. Subscribers can drill down further to see 10-year revenue outlooks for the indication and see which drugs will gain market share or lose market share during that period. The Target Profiles is a similar competitive assessment tool that allows subscribers to see what drugs are being developed for a particular target.

All of this powerful biomedical investment information is easily searchable and displayed in an intuitive and readable format so that subscribers can leverage the information and analysis for their particular needs. New Impact Events and Upcoming Catalysts are added to the service on a daily basis. New Company and Drug Profiles are added to the service on a weekly basis. BioMedTracker is an invaluable tool for investment professionals who invest in the biotech industry, generalists who are looking for trading ideas, or pharmaceutical industry professionals who are involved in strategic planning and/or allocating R&D resources.

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